At Straightline Communications LLC, our objective is clear-cut . . . to develop and carry out creative communications programs that get to the heart of what differentiates our clients and their products or services.

We do this by immersing ourselves in our client’s business to know them inside-out and working closely as part of their management team.

We ask the right questions. We listen with an experienced ear. And we brainstorm ideas.

We learn their vision, goals, and challenges. We study public perceptions, market dynamics, competitors and collaborators alike. We identify and gain a clear understanding of all those who most heavily influence our client’s objectives.

Then we build and execute a unique communications strategy based on realistic objectives.

As in all successful relationships, commitment and respect are important. Our best results are achieved when our clients have made a strong commitment to communications, and acknowledge our role as their communications partner. We believe our best solutions grow out of mutual respect for the unique talents that both parties contribute.