Alex's pic

Alex is a creative director and multimedia designer who brings our clients' projects to life. He has developed corporate brochures, newsletters, advertisements, signage, and websites for a wide range of Straightline clients.

With more than nine years of experience, Alex is expert at designing for virtually any format and working across any number of mediums. Formerly Art Director for W4 Performance Ad Network, he has worked with small businesses, non-profits, and corporate clients, including well known brands such as AAG, ProFlowers, Master Card, Bloomberg, and the Economist.

He oversees all aspects of the design process, from the conceptual stages to final product delivery. However, Alex's true strength is how he thinks: he gets the big picture. He is a creative, visual thinker who takes an idea through multiple stages, shaping the idea into a reality.

Alex believes design can be used for positive change and can have tremendous impact on social and behavioral trends. For this reason, when he connects personally with a cause, he gives his time generously by working pro-bono on select projects. Alex says he derives great satisfaction from these projects, knowing his work has contributed in some way to the lives of others.